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DICEN POR AHÍ DE LOS MELLIS VILCHEZ Te va a gustar esta Parodia

Four weeks Game of Thrones season 8 SPOILER

Four weeks in, ‘Game of Thrones’ season 8 is still drawing record viewership

Sunday’s fourth episode of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones certainly had a tough act to follow, given that the bloody, battle-heavy third episode of the season had been so highly anticipated and delivered on its promise of pretty much wall-to-wall action. The following episode was more of a rearranging of the players and getting everything in place ahead of the final confrontation of the season — and the series, sniff! — against Cersei and her forces that have been massing at King’s Landing.

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As such, the ratings for Sunday’s episode The Last of the Starks did drop a bit from The Long Night, the preceding episode focused on the battle for Winterfell against the army of the dead. But while the just-released figures do show a dip, they’re still on par with season 8’s record-setting premiere and speak to the sustained level of excitement that this season of GoT has generated.

Comparing episodes 3 and 4 is slightly apples-to-oranges, given that the former was the longest episode in the series’ history. Nevertheless, according to HBO, 11.8 million people watched the initial broadcast of episode 4, down about 200,000 viewers from the 12.02 million who watched the The Long Night during the same timeframe. Those numbers refer to the initial viewing, with HBO as of the time of this writing not having yet released the multi-platform viewership totals.


The other thing to note about episode 4, though, is that in spite of that drop, that figure is still roughly equal to the record-setting initial audience total for the season 8 premiere. It also beat episode 2’s audience total of a little more than 10 million viewers — and it’s currently the episode with third-best initial viewing figures in the series’ history. The only two that posted higher initial numbers were The Long Night and the season 7 finale, which a little more than 12 million people watched initially.

It will be interesting to see if the numbers tick back up, given that only two episodes remain — and one final epic confrontation is in store between the survivors of the fight against the Night King who will now face off against Cersei & Co to decide who will rule Westeros once and for all. No doubt the curiosity factor alone will be high as audiences tune in to see the conclusion of one of the biggest, buzziest TV franchises in recent memory.

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Baby Mine AURORA Lyric Video from DUMBO

Mine AURORA Lyric Video from DUMBO

Mine AURORA Lyric Video from DUMBO El estreno de Tim Burton del clásico animado de Disney Dumbo parece diseñado para causar estragos en nuestros conductos lagrimales. Hasta la fecha, cada tráiler, clip e imagen ha tirado de las cuerdas. Es fácil de hacer: Dumbo es una historia triste, acerca de un joven elefante de circo separado de su madre, excluido de sus compañeros por sus orejas grandes y desdichado por el espectáculo que se beneficia de sus inseguridades.

Si has visto la caricatura original, sabrás que quizás el momento más triste llega cuando Dumbo visita a su madre, que está cautiva después de atacar a un grupo de niños que molestaron a su hijo. Ella le canta a Dumbo la canción de cuna “Baby Mine”, mientras lo mecía para dormir. Es una melodía encantadora e inquietante, y está recibiendo una actualización para la nueva película. La banda ganadora del Grammy Arcade Fire está creando nueva música para la película, y ahora tenemos nuestra primera escucha extendida en su versión de “Baby Mine”. Junto con las imágenes de la película, escuchamos las voces encantadoras de la cantante principal Régine Chassagne, quien canta las letras familiares: “Bebé mío / no llores / Bebé mío / sécate los ojos”. Si puedes superar todo este teaser sin brotar, felicitaciones: no tienes alma.

Esta no es la única versión de “Baby Mine” que aparece en el remake Dumbo de Burton. Los trailers anteriores usaron una versión de la canción de la estrella noruega Aurora. No está claro si su versión también estará en la película, o cómo encajarán ambas cosas en la narrativa. A diferencia del original, parece que los animales en esta versión no hablarán ni cantarán, por lo que es probable que la canción se reproduzca en escenas o se guarde para los créditos finales.

El tráiler también sugiere que la película presenta “nueva música” de Arcade Fire. Danny Elfman está haciendo la partitura, por lo que probablemente podamos esperar nueva música lírica de la banda canadiense. No podemos esperar para escuchar lo que se les ocurre, y no podemos esperar a llorar para dormir cuando el Dumbo de Tim Burton llega a los cines el 29 de marzo.

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he Live-Action ‘Dumbo’ Trailer Will Def Make You Cry — VIDEO

Get ready for Dumbo the flying elephant to leave you in a puddle of tears all over again. Disney surprisingly released the teaser trailer for the live-action Dumbo on Wednesday. Along with the first glimpse of the big-eared Dumbo, the trailer also shows the human characters portrayed by Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, and Eva Green. And while these additions prove that there are some significant differences between the animated version and the live-action remake, fans can rest assured that the film is in good hands, with Tim Burton directing the dark tale. The filmmaker has adapted grim childhood classics before, like Alice In Wonderland. And, based on the new Dumbo trailer, Burton’s live-action take on the movie seems like it’s going to be just as emotional as the original.

As Disney previously announced, Farrell stars in the Dumbo remake as Holt Farrier, a war veteran and former circus star. DeVito’s circus owner Max Medici charges Holt with taking care of and training Dumbo — and like in the original, the little elephant struggles in his circus role. However, that changes when Holt’s two children (portrayed by newcomers Finley Hobbins and Nico Parker per Variety) discover Dumbo’s ability to fly. This ability draws the attention of Keaton’s entrepreneur V.A. Vandemere and Green’s trapeze artist Colette Marchant. Although he’s not in the first trailer, Variety also reported that Alan Arkin will appear as the fictional Wall Street tycoon J. Griffin Remington.

Disney Movie Trailers on YouTube

In the original Dumbo, the circus animals were the main characters and all spoke. And while it’s great that Burton is reuniting with actors Keaton, DeVito, Green, and Arkin — whom he has worked with before on films like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Big Fish, and Dark Shadows — it may be disappointing to fans of the Disney classic that the animals don’t get to be the stars this time around. Based on the trailer, it also seems like Dumbo’s only friend, Timothy Q. Mouse, won’t show up in the remake — at least not in a major role. But one element that people might be happy to see is missing is the scene with the crows. Since the film came out in 1941, the crows in Dumbo have been regarded as reinforcing racial stereotypes of the African American community.

Despite these major departures from the original movie, there are a number of moments that will be familiar. Early in the trailer, the storks are delivering Dumbo to his mother, Mrs. Jumbo. And one clip shows Dumbo’s mother heartbreakingly being carted away from her son. Even the truly bizarre pink elephants of “Pink Elephants On Parade” make an appearance. Though it’s doubtful that Dumbo will see the pink elephants in a drunken vision as he did in the original.

Burton said at Disney’s D23 Expo in 2017 that he’s trying to convey the same emotions as the animated movie with his remake. “Dumbo was always one of my favorite Disney films,” Burton said. “We’re trying to give it the same heart, feeling, and emotion that we all loved about the original.” And the trailer certainly achieves that by using the song “Baby Mine.” In the original movie, Mrs. Jumbo sings the song to Dumbo after she has been imprisoned for defending her son. It’s a heartbreaking moment, alluded to in the trailer with the new cover. As Deadline reported, Norwegian singer Aurora is responsible for the tear-inducing cover of “Baby Mine” that’s featured in the remake.

The same day as the trailer dropped, Disney also unveiled the first poster for Dumbo. It shows a shadow of the beloved elephant looking up at a floating feather — and that hopeful image is really the heart of the story. Burton definitely seems to have kept that hopeful spirit intact, so the remake of Dumbo is certain to take people on an emotional flight when it is released in 2019.


Orgullo ser Argentino Por nuestros Veteranos de Malvinas

Orgullo ser Argentino

Sentirse Orgulloso de ser habitante Argentino

Esta dedicado a los veteranos de la guerra de Malvinas Escucha la letra de esta canción resume todo lo que ha pasado en Argentina y en América, ayer, hoy y siempre La Guerra de las Islas Malvinas, donde defendimos a nuestra patria y a nuestra bandera celeste y blanca, contra los invasores y usurpadores Ingleses. Visita este link que puede resultarte muy util, es la pagina web de una organizacion que se llama FUNDACION MALVINAS, la cual es muy interesante en cuanto a todo el contenido de sus paginas. Vale la pena visitarla.-

Por esta razón, hemos cantado esta canción, que habla en general de todas las batallas culturales en las cuales “los invasores” de cultura, de territorio, de riquezas, han tratado de imponernos durante años. Defendamos pues los colores de nuestra bandera argentina y honremos a nuestros veteranos de malvinas y al espíritu de lucha por los derechos de los pueblos nativos que se han librado desde que somos Argentinos y que se  se refleja en esta interpretación.

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